I help you manage projects and achieve online objectives

Providing services within digital strategy, project management, organizational development and Google Analytics 4.

Strategy development

Every business and organization needs a clear and concise strategy that provides direction and prioritization. Coming up with a strategy involves analyzing the market and macro-environment. We do this in order to understand the opportunities and threats we’re facing. I can facilitate and contribute in the development of your online strategy.

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Project Management

Looking to launch or optimize an online business? I can help by taking on the role as project manager. Furthermore, I have a range of partners that I can include and coordinate in order to deliver on various project expectations (e.g. web design and CRO, SEO, SEM, social and content). I can deliver your web project in an agile and cost-effective way.

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Google Analytics 4

Understanding online customer interactions is key. Such activity is traceable, creating vasts amount of data that can be collected and understood with the use of Google Analytics 4 as well as other key tools. With 10+ years of experience I offer consulting services and training. I can help your organization migrate from Universal Analytics to GA4.

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Body language awareness training

Ever wondered why your boss stresses you out with mere presence, or how you can make a candidate feel at ease during a job interview? I combine methods and techniques from theatre with research on body language, power and dominance, to provide a unique teambuilding and body awareness class. The class can be adapted to specific needs.

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Education and talks

I’ve given talks and lectures for 10+ years on various topics including business model innovation, online marketing, digital analytics, social media and ethics, and more. I’m available on-demand and can develop content and message to meet your needs. My two latest talks were on 1) Facebook use in Norway and 2) migrating to Google Analytics 4.

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